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Trans Lifeline (877) 565-8860: The Trans Lifeline runs a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people a in crisis of any kind. Other essential resources can be found and printed out here. Please read our DISCLAIMER before anything else on this website!
Know Your Rights - Information on legal protections across a wide range of issues from restroom/employment issues to hospital treatment.
This is a general main page, please look for your City Specific Main Page on this Hub! That main page will include all information relevant to your community in regards to resources and support!

Current Events

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Check out our new Fargo Trans Inclusive Business or Service Section!

We are expanding our website to include more states! There will be some technical issues as we move pages over to make room, but look forward to a wider range of information between different states and cities!

Our Website Updates

  • This website is currently a work in progress that will keep evolving with new ideas and new community members. We want to hear your voice! If you disagree, if you think something is missing, then we want to know and we'd more than love your help in making this website better! Volunteer Information page for information on how to get involved.

Critical Trans-related Services: Suicide Life Line


Hello and welcome to our website! Here you will find resources for transgender people. These resources cover a wide gamut of information, from defining labels and exploring gender, to covering specific legal matters such as changing social security cards, driver licenses, or birth certificates. In addition to that we also include information about support groups, local communities, activism, ally resources and stories about ourselves and how a person can be transgender, have a future, and be happy!

This website is meant as a guide not just for transgender people, but for people who are otherwise questioning and for allies who want to offer better support by understanding the condition and struggle from a trans perspective. It is also meant as a supplemental resource for healthcare professionals, therapists, educators, and employers. And finally, it is meant as a networking hub for several different communities, both trans and cis, to come together to provide the best possible resources for transgender people.

The reason we choose a wiki is because we wanted to provide a space to share thoughts with a low technical barrier. We didn't want a bunch of static text produced by a few people, that would become outdated after a year. We wanted something that was organic and could evolve with our growing understanding of gender and ourselves. We wanted a living, breathing community of individuals creating something more than the sum of its parts. That's where you come in!

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to create an account here (requires email verification) and start providing information and resources to this site. Everyone is welcome to share their stories and experiences in our area related to health services, business interaction, and employment. The only thing we do not welcome is transphobic or trans-antagonistic rhetoric. This is a place for trans voices and perspective to be heard and respected, because so few platforms exist for that right now.

Gender and Identity 101

If gender studies was algebra, then transgender studies would be like calculus and jumping in to try to understand the trans experience and condition without knowing the fundamentals, would be just as hard as understanding calculus without knowing the fundamentals of algebra. And without any experience, learning about being transgender for yourself or for someone else can seem just as daunting. There is so much to learn and so many things that need to be done, but just like with math, it can be learned, step by step and problems that seemed impossible before, will start making sense!

In this section we'll explore: Labels and Terms 101| Gender 101| Intersex 101 | Transgender 101

Essentially we offer information, support, and resources to help you explore your own identity and help you discover who you are!

Transgender Communities and Support

You can be happy and transgender, but it is way easier with support and people who talk to, who know exactly what you're going through. People who can listen to you talk about your issues and understand every word that you're saying! If you have a community you want to start and would like to promote it, please let us know, so we can include it!!

Also in this Section is our community outreach for transgender services that include shelters, support, and education.


Transitioning is process by which someone who was assigned and lived in the roles as a certain sex, takes steps to live as their authentic sex. Transitioning is different for everyone and there is no right way to do it. What matters is what the person is comfortable doing and how much they want to change. That might mean just letting people know your identity, living in the roles and dress typically associated with that identity. It also might mean taking hormones or getting one or many of a wide range of surgeries. It could include legal name and gender change, but doesn't have to.

The important thing to consider is doing what is right for you. You aren't any less of a man or a woman or anything in between or outside the binary because of what your body looks like, how you sound, or what you documents say. When you transition, you should be doing it for yourself. You should be doing it to finish that beautiful plan the architect that is your brain designed for you, but might not have had the materials to make!

There is a lot to transitioning and may things people can do. While it can be a very rewarding time in a transgender person's life, it is no secret that it can also be the hardest, confusing, and absolutely daunting! But you have support and we have a step by step guide for things you should consider and might need!

Coming Out | WPATH Standards of Care | Insurance | Counseling | Hair Removal | Hormone Therapy | Speech Therapy | Legal Information | Medical Operations

Our Community

This places is a venue for all the members of community to make their own page and tell their own stories about transitioning in our area or the challenges they face. But it is also about all those things specific to our community, such as the activism we are trying to establish, the activism we have accomplished, and the resources for the activism. Additionally this is where we have all the information on our employers and our businesses in the area. So we know who is safe to work for and shop from. We also list other organizations that function as sister communities and organizations to our own! Finally we have the liaison or the people we use as first point of contact when engaging with certain entities.

Resources and Services

Here is the Center for all the information related to the services people can utilize as part of their care, transition, or legal presentation. It also has all the resources we can draw on to better educate ourselves or our allies. Contents

Transgender Services | Activism Resources | Family and Ally

Contact Information

This section is for all the relevant contact information for this website!! :D

Volunteer Information | Content Experts | Website Administration | Liaison and Community Outreach | Support Groups